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Prefix pairs
Teacher’s notes
To practice making negative adjectives
Language focus
Adjective prefixes
Materials and preparation
Each group will need one copy of the page. Cut along the dotted lines to make individual cards.
Student organization
Small groups
Suggested time
5-10 minutes
Put students in small groups and give each group a set of cards.
Have students separate the cards with prefixes from the cards with words. Then students should spread their cards out face down on the table, keeping the two groups of cards separate from each other.
Have students take turns revealing one card from each group.
If the prefix and the word match to form a negative adjective, the student should make a sentence using the adjective, and then keep the pair of cards. If they don't match, the student should return them face down to their original position.
Demonstrate the game yourself. For example, dis + organized = disorganized. My desk is disorganized, dis + friendly does not make a word.
Put students in small groups. Students should make as many negative adjectives and sentences as they can.
Source: Angela Blackwell “English KnowHow, Book 2”

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